Transparent Dog Raincoat Poncho


Like the feel of rain?

Medium-sized Dogs Transparent Rain Coats are crafted from 100% waterproof material to keep your pet dry and warm during cold weather in the outdoors even in the worst weather conditions. Includes the attached hood for extra protection. Dogs Transparent Rain Coats are very easy to put on to your babies. 

Provide Protection - While walking in cold rain some dogs can catch a cold or may have the risk of developing hypothermia. Without a raincoat, on rainy days they have to stay at home and tend to hold excretions. Long time without relieving is harmful to their health. Transparent Rain Coats allow your furry to go out for a walk or use the restroom.

Slit for Dogs Leash - They are easy to put on and take off with the adjustable snap closures part. There is a small hole hidden within the seam on the back of the neck, which conveniently for a hook on a leash. Therefore, you can use it to take your dog for a walk with the raincoat.

Transparent & Adjustable - With Easy the adjustable strap below, the transparent raincoat can cover your dogs underbelly directly without obstructing anything and your dog can see through the hood. It can also be adjusted to fit over another garment. 

Customer service - If you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase for any reason, please contact us and we will make it right. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. 


  • With an extra hole for leash and an adjustable belly, part can better fit for pets.
  • Adaptable and very easy to wear.
  • Designed with transparent material, pets can move more freely
  • The raincoat in the cloak style keeps your pets away from the rain and walks easily on rainy days.
  • Water-resistant & windproof with adjustable strap 
  • Turn to a packable rain poncho

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