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Comfortable Massager Pet Shower Tool


Does your pet hate showers and baths?

Then this is the solution for you! Massage your dog and change the tap adapter to his or her's liking to make your Pets happy and comfortable while cleaning them!


Now you will be able to clean, massage, and remove hair with the same accessory. The innovative pet grooming glove fits in the palm of your hand and combines the power of both a shower hand-strapped sprayer and scrubber, you will get a faster rinse then traditional sprayers and it allows you to control your pet during the entire bathing process. It will eliminate excess spraying of water while providing a much more relaxing experience for your pet. 

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor - A perfect choice for your convenience, the bath attachment for pets comes with a new design hose and connects to either your shower or garden hose with our custom adapters which are included.

The one-size-fits-all scrubber attaches to your hand and basically acts as a grooming tool while the water comes out. There are soft little scrubbers that pick up loose hair and are also great for scrubbing dirt and dander off.


Material: silicone + ABS + Hardware
Hose length: 98.5 inches / 2.5 metres
Weight: 14.0 ounces / 396 grams
Colour: Blue
Suitable for dogs, cats, and horses
Sprayer and scrubber in one, bathe and massage at the same time
Professional Grade dog shower, unique contour shape designed to wash dogs of all sizes and types
An adjustable handheld bathing tool with rotary switch design to turn the water on/off
Two removable tap adapters to fit the standard 0.6-inch faucet or garden tap which are easy to install and remove
It greatly reduces the consumption of water and shampoo compared to traditional bathing methods

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